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India vs. China: The Battle for Global Manufacturing

With its chronic blackouts, crumbling roads, and other infrastructure woes, India should have no appeal for John Ginascol. A vice president at Abbott Laboratories (ABT), Ginascol is responsible for ensuring that the company’s food-products factories run smoothly worldwide. He can’t afford surprises when it comes to electricity, water, and other …

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Manufacturing in India vs. China

India Vs China

Have you ever considered relocating your China manufacturing operations to another country? When buyers talk about sourcing from China, one of the most commonly mentioned challenges is the rising cost of labor. Double-digit increases in China’s minimum wages year-after-year have driven some manufacturers to look for lower-cost alternatives. To that …

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Oxford Union Finds Britain Should Pay Slavery Reparations

shashi tharoor

THE OXFORD Union – the debating society founded by members of Oxford University nearly 190 years ago – is known to be on good terms with controversy. A debate on Thursday (May 28) made no attempt to break with tradition, posing the question: does Britain owe reparations to her former …

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