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Premature baby with Liver Abscess and Hematoma

Dear Members, Friends, brothers and Sisters

Help Wanted !

One of our group members living in Foshan is in need of help and here is his mail requesting your help. His Baby was born

Dear Members, Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

On 25th Jan 2016 at 18.25 my wife had given birth to premature baby boy of 28 gestation age in Women’s and Children’s Hospital Guicheng, Foshan. Since baby is premature and have many serious health issues so we have to move him to Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Panyu District, Guangzhou Province. Since last 15 days he is fighting for the life against liver abscess & hematoma, breathing problem, kidneys dysfunction and low birth weight (1.13 kg). He already had gone through peritoneal dialysis for 10 days to get kidney function normal. My baby’s hospital ID no. P000106968 and mother’s name is Archana.

Since last 6 years I am working in China as middle level management, I have a very lovely 5 years old daughter and we love life in China and people here.

For me life is precious gift of God and I would like my Son to have it too. Since baby’s health shown signs of improvement as his renal functions are back to normal and he can have small milk feeding as well. But still he needs mechanical ventilation and it would take long time to be normal. Doctors ask me to prepare approx. 200000 RMB for hospital expenses. I have already paid approx 90000 RMB for hospital and future expense will be depends on baby’s response to treatment and recovery time. I am salaried person and have limited capacity to raise this fund. I hope that friends, brother & sisters join hands together for help at in this difficult time. I appreciate your support and request you to circulate my request to your contacts. Your help will always remain in my heart. Thank you!!

Yours Sincerely,

Maruti Kakade


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Contact No :

+86-13590537171 / 18566089599.


Bank account details are as below:

Bank of China:

Account No: 6013827001017466935
Branch : (中国佛山南海沙头支行)

ABC bank :

Account N0: 6228481469949114777
Branch: (中国农业银行南海翠园支行)



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