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Yoga Day Celebration at Lecong

International Day Of Yoga – Organised By: Lecong Indian Community

Today morning at 9:00 Am the lecong Indian Community organised a Yoga awareness and yoga teaching program at Hotel Fortuna, Lecong, Shunde district Foshan. This is the first time a cultural exchange program is organised by the Lecong Indian Association in Lecong. Many Indian and Chinese yoga enthusiasts attended the program with cheer and high sprit.

Today June 21st 2015, the world is celebrating  for the first time the “International Day of Yoga“. The reason for celebrating today as the International Day of Yoga happens to have reasons from the Geography and Religion. Every Year the summer solstice falls on June 21. it is the day when day is longest and the night shortest. It is the day when the Earth is closest to the Sun on its orbit.  From the perspective of Yoga, the summer solstice marks the transition of sun from Uttarayana to Dakshinayana ( The uttarayana and dakshinayana are not only time periods mentioned in the Vedic literature but also the state of minds. Uttarayana means a period for a positive state of mind and Dakshinayana a period for relatively negative state of mind. Dakshinayana is the southern transit of the Sun) as per the Vedic Calander. So this is the time we need to practice Yoga to boost the energy levels of body and mind. According to Indian vedic books, it was the day, Adhi Yogi, The first Yogi, Lord Shiva, first taught Yoga to his disciples. The knowledge of yoga first descended from Shiva on this day. So we can boldly say that today is the birthday of Yoga. This is the main reason for choosing today to be the International Day of Yoga.

The celebration at Lecong started with the chanting of mantra “om” then demonstration of 21 Yoga poses (Asana) narrated by Yoga Master Mr.Satwa (Sunil) from Bihar school of Yoga and demonstrated by Mrs. Gunjan from Patanjali Ashram India. The chinese Translation was done by Ms.Catherine of Lecong Foreigners Club. The Asanas were followed by Pranayam and Yoga Performances by members of Yi Vatican Yoga and Shunde Daliang Longer Yoga Centre. The members were mostly chinese and it was really amazing to see how they have learned yoga and could display such dexterity.

Shunde Daliang Longyear Yoga Centre is headed by Ms.Sujata Tan (谭红), She has been teaching Yoga Professionally for the past 8 years in Daliang, Shunde. She also regularly takes students from china to India for yoga training. She can be contacted at weblink

The program came to an end with slight refreshments and exchange of doubts about Yoga. Hope this programs Brings about more awareness of yoga among the chinese community in and around Lecong and people learn the benefits of yoga. Thanks to the organisers of the Even Lecong Indian Association, which is headed by Mr.Manish Chopra.



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