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18 Things To Know Before You Visit China

1. Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in your rice.

It’s considered extremely rude because it’s associated with funerals. Usually, people leave rice with chopsticks in them at the tombstones of their loved ones in order to “feed them” in the afterlife.

2. Refusing to take a gift is not rude.

If you offer a gift for a friend or colleague,he refuses to take it.Don’t regard it as impoliteness.It’s really a custom for him to do so.

3. Same thing with compliments.

Chinese people are usually modest,sometimes too modest as you see.They will blush or shake their head to show they are shy to your compliments.However they will be grateful in heart.

4. The Chinese population is gradually declining.

China has large population throughout the world.Do you think China’s population will be still rapidly increasing? No,According to a recent United Nations report,he birth rate has declined by 40% in China.

5. Eating dog is becoming increasingly unpopular.

Some people eat dogs as custom in some place in China.But according to CNN, the rate of dog consumption is declining so much that there has been talk of considering legislation that would make eating cats and dogs illegal.And recently, Weibo (China’s Twitter) blew up with viral protesting against eating dogs. Most Chinese people prefer to keep cats and dogs as pets.

6. Breathing in Beijing air is not as bad as you might think.

Beijing has problems for its air.People are trying to avoid breathe the polluted air.Chinese government has taken actions to deal with this problem,and it has been changing.

7. The one-child policy does not apply to everyone.

China’s one child policy was only enacted in 1978, so most people born before then are likely to have siblings. Also, the policy was meant more for the urban population, so rural families and Chinese ethnic minorities(there are 55) are allowed to have more than one child.

8. How to access blocked websites.

Some websites are blocked in China,so suppose you want to look through websites like youtube,you have to use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to circumvent censored content.

9. Chinese ≠ Mandarin

Actually, “Chinese” is not a single, unified language. It’s composed of many different dialects, the most common of which include Mandarin and Cantonese.

10. You won’t necessarily be the tallest person in the room.

In China’s northern region, the average height for men is 5’10”, and for women is 5’6”. In fact, the tallest woman in the world (8’1”!) was Chinese.

11. Each Chinese character not an individual word.

Although some words use just one character, most words are composed of two or more characters. Chinese characters are usually morphemes, meaning a unit of language or word that cannot be further divided.

12. No one in space will be able to see you on the Great Wall.

According to Universe Today, you actually cannot see the Great Wall from space with the naked eye, let alone the moon. The pictures that exist of the monument from space are usually taken with professional zoom lens cameras.

13. There is a good chance you will have to use a squat toilet at some point. Don’t be afraid.

It’s actually more sanitary than using a regular toilet. Just remember to BYTP (bring your own toilet paper).

14. Explore beyond Beijing and Shanghai.

Though everyone should visit both places at least once, China has so much more to offer than most people tend to talk about. The south of China is great for spicy food in cities like Chengdu and Chongqing.You can search for lake scenery like Suzhou (the “Venice” of China) and Hangzhou (known for the West Lake) . Make sure you hit some real natural beauties though, like Karakul Lake in Xinjiang in Huang Shan in An Hui.

15. The Chinese food you’re used to eating in the USA/Europe is probably not real Chinese food.

Sweet and sour pork, egg rolls, beef and broccoli… Yeah, Chinese people don’t eat that. Instead, you’ll find more cooked vegetables and simple meat dishes. Different, but delicious.

16. If you feel the need to burp or stare,please don’t do that.

Some people think that burping ,staring and spitting is common around China, but it’s not real.More and more efforts are being made to stop people from doing it,and it has kicked in.

17. English is becoming more common.

English is taught in most schools, and many Chinese people are eager to practice and use it well.You may have a chance to communicate with Chinese people in English,moreover,they may teach you interesting Chinese instead.

18. Kung Fu is everywhere?

Sorry to disappoint. But if you expect and look forward to seeing Kung Fu on the street, then rent some DVDs or go to the cinema.

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