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Bhangra & Gidda Punjabi Dance Performances at Lecong

Bhangra and Gidda Cultural Dance

The Consulate General of India, Guangzhou and the Lecong Indian Community together, is organizing Bhangra and Gidda traditional Punjabi folk dance performances on   This is one of the first of its kind event organised by Lecong Indians as a major step to cultural exchange. Lecong has a huge population of …

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18 Things To Know Before You Visit China

Myts about China

1. Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in your rice. It’s considered extremely rude because it’s associated with funerals. Usually, people leave rice with chopsticks in them at the tombstones of their loved ones in order to “feed them” in the afterlife. 2. Refusing to take a gift is not rude. …

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Can two people repopulate Earth? Is it possible?

Adam and Eve

The “no” answers I see are making several incorrect assumptions: (1) that after a number of generations, inbreeding would surface some deletarious mutation and kill off all future offspring, (2) that two random humans wouldn’t have sufficient genetic variance between them, and (3) that endangered humans would react the same …

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